About The Council


The Vision for the Apostolic Council was birthed on December 12, 2020 through a two-part word from God given to Apostle Kent Brown and Apostle Vincent Pool during a prayer meeting at Apostle Kent’s church in Hardin, Texas.

During that meeting, the Lord quickened Apostle Kent concerning the establishing of an Apostolic/Prophetic group of leaders from the Houston region, to share “what thus says the Lord“. This Word on the necessity for the Ecclesia to come together to share insights and join forces was also given to Apostle Vince, who then was tasked with identifying and inviting those whom God was calling to participate in the Council.  The first TAC meeting took place in late January 2021, a brainstorming session with those invited to set a Vision for the Council.  Sadly, Apostle Kent became ill in mid-January and passed away in March of 2021 without seeing the Vision develop.

Additionally, in 2020 in Father’s sovereign timing, Apostle Lance Beloney also broached the possibility to Apostle Vince of gathering apostolic voices to share what they were hearing individually to identify a collective directive from The Lord.

The result became The Apostolic Council, an assembly including not only apostles and prophets, but God’s other ordained giftings.  Our primary assignment has been to herald the distinctly non-church message of The Godhead for this current time and season, and to rebuild the true Kingdom of God as He leads, utilizing the various platforms upon which our individual ministries function, sharing the unified message of Yahweh, Yeshua and Holy Spirit. The Mandate under which The Apostolic Council operates is detailed on the “What We Believe” page of this website. 


Apostle Vincent & Jo Lynne Pool

THE MACEDONIAN CALL MINISTRIES, INC. Apostle Vincent Pool: MCM was founded in September, 1993 by Apostle Vincent R. Pool, Sr. It was incorporated in the State of Texas in March, 1995. The premise and foundation of the ministry is found in the Book of Acts 16: 9: “And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia and prayed him, saying, ‘Come over to Macedonia, and help us.'” Since its inception that has been the vision of the ministry. It has taken on the mantle of building up, strengthening, structuring, establishing, redirecting, re-establishing and re-structuring of ministries wherever the Lord has directed. Apostle Pool teaches classes on the Hebraic Foundation of The Kingdom, fulfilling his God-given mandate, and hosts a weekly conference call, The Friday Night Feast, sharing God’s Kingdom Vision. He is a firm believer in the ministry of prayer, and the Lord has also given him revelation of the ministry of Sonship. “One of our main objectives is to see the Body of Yeshua the Messiah operate totally in the Unity and Dominion of Holy Spirit. And to see every Believer come into the fullness of his or her purpose, to recognize their giftings, and to fulfill their God-ordained potential.”

Jo Lynne Pool functions in the five-fold ministry gift of Teacher, imparting biblical principals, with godly insights and clarity of vision. Her book for singles, published by Thomas Nelson, A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND…Unless You Ask God to Be Head of Your Search Committee has sold over 60,000 copies and continues to sell because God’s guidelines for love and marriage are eternal. Her other books, YOUR GOOD MAN FROM GOD…How to Know Him and Keep Him! and THE ABIGAIL FACTOR…Maximizing Your Marriage God’s Way have recently been published.

The Pools are members of Zion Connect, a covenant arm of Glory of Zion International Ministries, located at The Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas. Under the leadership of Apostle Chuck Pierce, they were commissioned as a House of Zion in 2009, and as a Ministry of Zion in 2013.

Apostle Lance and Lisa Beloney

ROCK OF TRUTH MINISTRIES, Apostle Lance C. Beloney, Sr and Lisa Beloney. Founders of Rock of Truth Ministries of Huntsville, Texas, Apostle Beloney and Lisa have been married for 34 years. They are parent of four children, and grandparents of four. Apostle Beloney is an Engineer and Entrepreneur. He has been born-again since October of 1982. During this time, he has served as armor-bearer, pastor and now apostle. “My most passionate pursuit in ministry is to bring about the understanding of the Sonship for the Ecclesia.”

REDEEMING LIGHT OUTREACH, Apostle Evelyn Spears and Daniel Spears; Apostle Evelyn Spears is the third of three daughters born to the late Eugene and Ethel Neal Keys. Educated in the schools of Franklin Parish, Louisiana, she was active in several organizations of which New Light Baptist Church and 4-H Club were the most influential. She is an educator who graduated from Grambling State University with a degree in secondary education; University of Louisiana-Monroe, M. Ed+30; Liberty School of Ministry and Bible Institute, Monroe, LA with diploma in Practical Ministry; United Theological Seminary, Monroe, LA, Masters in Religious Education; and The Lord’s Outreach School of Theology, Lake Charles, LA, Doctor of Theology.

She also holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Bell Grove Theological Seminary and an honorary Doctor of Ministry from The Lord’s Outreach School of Theology. She was licensed to minister in 1994, and in 2005 was called to pastor a church, St. Paul No. 2 Baptist Church of Wisner, LA. She was also named to the faculty at UTS during this time. Since being in Angleton, TX, where she and her husband, James Daniel Spears, Sr. reside, she has been an instructor with Dr. Russell Benoit of The Lord’s Outreach School of Theology. God has used her to open Redeeming Light Bible Training Center in January 2012. She was affirmed to the apostolic by Apostle Vincent of The Macedonian Call Ministries in 2017. Her personal motto is “If nobody reaches, nobody gets touched.”


Nelson Castille, APOSTLE. Functioning also as Prophet/Teacher, he is the Founder of CAVE OF MYSTERY which is a ministry dedicated to Maturing in Sonship, Exploring the Realms of the Spirit & Knowing God Face to Face.

He had his first encounter with God in 2017 when he heard God’s voice for the 1st time. His sonship journey began in 2019 following a Face to Face encounter with Christ.


Rachel Castille, PROPHET. Hi, my name is Rachel Castille, and I have a heart to see people free to fulfill the destiny God has called them to. I grew up in the bondage of religion and know what it’s like to search for an authentic relationship with God. I have a heart of compassion for people that don’t know that they can truly know God and I desire to see them changed by that revelation. I want to see people come to know their true identity in Christ and understand just how much they are loved by the Father. I’ve learned the trust the voice of Holy Spirit and I want to help others do the same. I’m a worship leader and have been a musician since the age of 5. I love everything about the expression of the heart and desire to see the power of relationship with God displayed in the Earth. I want my life to resonate the sounds of Heaven and raise up a generation that will boldly express what God has placed inside of them. I love that everyday is an adventure with God and I’m excited to partner with Him to see Heaven come to Earth in my generation.


Katalina Scott, PROPHET. Founder of PEACH OUT OF REACH MINISTRIES which focuses on purity in the Kingdom of God. During my 9 years of abstinence and purity, God has given me insight to what Kingdom courtship and Kingdom singleness is supposed to look like. I have been commissioned to share what has been revealed to me from heaven with the world.

D’Shuan Turner, PROPHET


Prophet D’Shuan – Introduced to God in 2016, my fellowship grew deeper with face to face encounters since 2017. God has given me revelation of worship and how to live as a son.


Shawn Stanley, PROPHET – Raised as a Seventh Day Adventist, I did not discover a Kingdom relationship, until walking away from the four walls called church.  It was during my wildness experience of searching for the voice of God, searching for the answers of the dreams that came in my night and early morning that which I would see and hear the voice of God, that dispelled, or should I say, dismantled everything that I had learned from Christianity, that lead me to a Kingdom relationship and empowered me.

Empowered me to know who I am in the spiritual realm.  

A Kingdoms Heir!

I am a Prophet who is called to dismantle religion and government entities.  

I am a Prophet who is called to heal the sick and heart sick.

I am a Prophet whose voice is a living instrument to uproot and tear down mantles that are not of God.

I am, because He is the Great I Am.