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As a born-again Believer in Yeshua Hamashiach, you surely know that there has been a huge shift in the world of “Church As Usual”. Recent events have changed the way we “do church” and there will be no going back. Father God, Yahweh Himself has instituted a new era in His Kingdom, and as Believers our task is to understand, embrace and follow as He commands. Please see the articles in the menu for clarification. Our commitment as Apostles and Prophets who are hearing His Voice is to broadcast the Word that Father is speaking NOW to all who will listen and believe. Welcome to the Apostolic Council website!


The Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven, one and the same, is being brought to the earth realm in an entirely new way. And as His Followers, Believers, and the Ecclesia of The Kingdom, we are mandated to usher in that Kingdom. We are not subjected to the doctrines of this worldly church system, nor are we limited in our abilities to “Command the Kingdom”, a favorite phrase of the Apostolic Council’s Apostle Lance Beloney. See his article in the menu. This is a truly exciting, even revolutionary time in the Kingdom of God, and we will be bringing to you the fresh word from Him as it is given to us. Welcome!


Father God, Yahweh, created us, male and female in His image and likeness, to rule and reign in the earth. As born again Believers we are Sons of God, and there is no other created being above us. We have been given the charge by the Godhead, the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit to rule over the world that He has given us, but that assignment to us, His Followers has been lost over the 2,000 years of the “Church Age”. It is being restored, and rulership reassigned to Believers in this Era in the Kingdom of God. We are mandated to bring forth His Dominion. Apostle Vince Pool’s article provides the exciting details!

God is unveiling His mysteries NOW because the timing for them has come. We are happy to be one of the instruments that the Godhead is using to get the Word out!

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The Ecclesia Versus The Church

As Long As We Keep Calling The Church The Ecclesia, We Will Neither Produce Or See The Glory! The Church Is An Impostor, A Counterfeit! The True Identity Of The Ecclesia Is The Sons Of God. Only The Sons Carry The D.N.A Of The Father! Everybody Is Not The Ecclesia! God Reserves For Himself A…


Theology Is Incompatible with Kingdom Identity “Stop teaching theology and spend that time promoting intimacy” Apostle Lance C. Beloney    January 21, 2021 Key Principle: “Theology is the study of what was said in the past, assuming that it continues to hold true today.  Intimacy with the Godhead is the knowing of what is regardless…