The Month Of Nisan (April/May)

Apostle Vincent R. Pool, Sr

In the Hebraic Calendar (Biblical), we are in the month Of Nisan. It is the 1st month, the beginning of months, the beginning of Gods’ redemptive cycle, or yearly blessing cycle. The redemption of Gods’ people was so important in His heart and mind that He literally changed His calendar (This month was originally the 7th month, the month of creation), so that His people could start the sacred year in a redemptive cycle of blessings (Exodus 12:1-2).

This month is connected to the tribe of Judah. Judah is the 4th son of Jacob and Leah. 4 is a significant number in the understanding of prophetic symbolism and patterns. Not only is it a number of the revelation of times and seasons, it gives an understanding of boundaries, both natural and spiritual. It also lays the foundation for understanding the pattern of ruling and reigning as sons of the Kingdom. (Genesis 1:14-19).

Judah means “praise”. This is the month of redemptive praise. We must be totally focused on praising God as we begin our walk in this new season of the redemptive cycle of God. Judah is the tribe that leads in praise and warfare. It is also the tribe that the Davidic line of Kings descended from, and the tribe of the Messiah himself. Remember Messiah is called the “Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah”! This symbol represented the Kingly authority and leadership anointing that rested upon this tribe. Judah is the total embodiment of praise!

There are two names in scripture that are interpreted praise. There is Judah, which means “praise from the heart”, which is the purest form of praise. Then there is Judas, which means ” praise from the head or intellect, a feigned or learned form of praise (Matthew 15:8). Judah portrays Messiah, or literally paints a picture of Messiah, and Judas betrays Messiah, or literally sets up or gives birth to an anti-Messiah system or structure. We must be careful to allow our praise in this season to be birthed out of, and totally submitted to the heart of God. Praise is how we enter the presence of God, and also how we receive prophetic warfare strategy in order to victoriously war for our promise in this season. Our defining strategy in warfare is always to begin with praise.

In the setting up of the camp of Israel, the Tabernacle (which housed the presence of God), was set in the middle, with three tribes camping on each of the four sides. The camp of Judah, which includes Issachar and Zebulon, always camped on the east side, which was where the entrance to the Tabernacle was. So we can see that God established the pattern of praise leading the way into his presence, from the very beginning. Praise is where God dwells, or is enthroned (Psalms 22:3). The territory that Judah inherited included Jerusalem (the city of peace), which became the sanctuary of God (Psalms 114:2). The Jews actually get their name from Judah, distinguishing them as a part of the Kingly line.

This was also the month that the Kings go forth to war to take and redeem territory! (2 Samuel 11:1). The whole of the Nation Of Israel (Jacob), were actually called Hebrews, meaning “one who crosses over, or one who crosses the river”, and would also allude to continually crossing into a higher dimension in God (as in going from Glory to Glory).

This is the month of Passover (Exodus 12), the month that is set aside to celebrate and remember the redemptive covering of the blood of the lamb of God (Yahshua) (See John 1:29, Ephesians 1:7, Colossians 1:9, Hebrews 9:22). This is the time that God has set aside for us to walk in the newness of life and deliverance because of the blood. We are to stand boldly in the authority of God and confront any Pharaoh structure (enemy) that has held us captive, or in bondage, and declare “Let Me Go That I May Go And Worship God”! We are also to take on the mantle of the deliverer and make this same declaration over those within our spheres of influence. This month of Passover is a month of a prolonged festival set aside to celebrate and rejoice before God for the fullness of redemption, and setting our course for the future (Jeremiah 29:11).

This is the month of healing and miracles, and we must embrace these redemptive qualities of this month as we stand on the precipice of receiving our covenant promises.

This month is also associated with the right foot, which literally means it is the month to put your best foot forward as you begin this new seasonal journey with God (Psalms 37:23, 119:133). In this month of redemption, God wants us to see every one of the prison doors in our life opened up, and again, also in the lives of everyone connected to us in any way, shape, form, or fashion. (Isaiah 61:1-2, Luke 4:18-19).

Nisan is also connected to our speech pattern (Job 37:19, Proverbs 18:21). Since our speech is the means whereby we express our deepest feelings, and insights, we must be careful, not to allow our speech to be contrary to the word (voice) of God, or the mind of the Spirit. Speaking forth our thankfulness to God for our redemptive deliverance is going to be a key to us being able to walk in the fullness of the blessings that God has set aside for this month. Our obedience in meeting with God during this significant appointed time is absolutely essential!

This month is connected to the Hebrew alphabet Hei, which signifies violent praise (Judah), or the wind of God (Spirit). This is the time that your spirit should be totally saturated, penetrated, and permeated with the spirit of praise! Hei is also connected with the number 5. 5 is the number of grace, and Yahshua, our Passover lamb, “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”, is the redemptive gift of the grace of God.

There is a distinctive prophetic pattern through which God is speaking. It is also very interesting that the constellation connected to this month is Aries (Ram-male sheep). (See Psalms 19:1-3, Psalms 8). So there is no mistaking that this is the month of Messiah! This is the month that the redemptive pattern of Son-ship needs to be absolutely established! (John 1:12-13).

This is the month for your praise to become unquestionably spirit directed (Romans 8:14), so that (1) The wind of God may blow freely in your life, and (2) Your feet are firmly established on the proper pathway to your promised land of Apostolic Prophetic Destiny, and (3) You embrace your position and purpose as a manifested son of the Kingdom. Blessings! Shalom!