The Month of Kislev (November/December 5782

Apostle Pool

This is the month of Kislev in the Hebraic (biblical) calendar. It is the month associated with the tribe of Benjamin. Benjamin’s name means “son of my strength” or “son of my right hand” (Genesis 35:17-18).

This is a season to understand and embrace our position and purpose as sons of God (John 1:12, Romans 8:19). Expect the Father to speak into our purpose during this season! The Fathers’ voice is the voice of establishing!

Benjamin was the 12th son of Jacob (Israel). He was the only son conceived in born after the transition Of Jacob to Israel. In the transformed (renewed) nature of Israel, there was a divine deposit of prevailing and overcoming! (Genesis 32:28). Benjamin was also the only son born in the Promised Land.

12 is the number of the government of God (Kingdom), the apostle, or new administration. The birth of Benjamin brought about an apostolic fullness and a type of kingdom governmental perfection out of this nation of people that God had established as a Kingdom prototype of the fulfillment of the promises of God.

This is the month to review the promises of God, and asses and evaluate how you are allowing them to be administered into your life. This will help you see and understand how you are advancing into Apostolic-Prophetic Destiny, according to the Kingdom mandate (Ephesians 2:19-22).

Benjamin was the most skilled of the sons of Israel in the art of the bow (war). This is the season that God has ordained you to hit your intercessory target with precise accuracy!

This month is connected to the constellation of Sagittarius (archer). This is the warriors’ month! We have to war to receive the promises! This is the month to allow God to develop your warfare strategies and give you prophetic revelation for war and divine victory.

God has ordained you to walk and live your life as a victorious over comer, so that you might understand your place of inheritance in him (Revelation 21:7, Revelation 22:17).

This is the month of dreams and night visions. Expect God to speak to you during your night seasons this month. Even in the midst of your war season, this is a month that will bring tranquility and peace in every dimension of your life.

Kislev is the 9th month in the Hebrew(Scriptural) calendar. Nine is the number associated with fullness or birthing (womb). Nine is also associated with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, harvest, fruition, finality, perfection or divine completeness.

Can you truly hear what the Spirit is saying? (Revelation 2:7). This is the month set aside for your birthing into the place of promise! This is the month designed and ordained for Holy Spirit to manifest in and through you in a greater measure that you might develop a greater harvest mentality that will allow you to process revelation from a totally different mindset and dimension.

This process will be constantly bringing us to that place of fruition and manifestation (finality) of perfection or divine completeness (Ephesians 4:11-13). That which the spirit of God has impregnated your spiritual womb with and you have been waiting in anxious expectation for is about to be manifested in this season.

Do not let go of your dreams nor doubt your visions!  The river of God will flow from deep within your belly in this month (John 7:38). Carefully guard what God is developing in you and birthing out of you in this season. You are pregnant on purpose with purpose for purpose! You do not want to be guilty of committing Spiritual Abortion! The life of God (Zoe) must flow out of you in this month!

This is the month to enter into a new level of trust and confidence in God. Kislev is connected to the Hebrew letter Samekh, which is representative of the number 60, which means, coming full circle. Our level of trust and confidence in God should have deepened and widened during this past year, as should have our relationships with those within our circle of influence. The name Kislev is derived from the Hebrew word for “security and trust”. So not only is this a month to develop an increased level of trust in God, but it is also a month to learn how to rest in God.

This is a month to review our life experiences and by doing so we should able to receive revelational insight (strategy) to break up and out of any old patterns that hindered our relationship with God and others.

Even as last month was the month of the flood, representing a time of a redemptive new beginning for man (Noah), this month is also known as the month of the rainbow, the birthing or establishing of covenant life. This is the time of resting in the eternal covenant promises of God (Genesis 9:11-17).

This month is also the beginning of Hanukkah (Festival of Lights, Feast Of Dedication). This Festival is the only Biblical holiday that connects or overlaps two months. It begins in Kislev and ends in Tevet.

One of the main messages of Hanukkah is that the light of God (revelation, glory) will never be diminished in your life, once you embrace your position as a son of his right hand, or son of strength and authority (Benjamin).

Also during this time there is an unusual manifestation and revelation of the mercy of God to each and every one of us that have embraced our positions as covenant sons of the Kingdom (Lamentations 3:22, 32).

As The Biblical Year 5780 Was Prophetically Identified As “The Year Of The Roar Of Authority”, and The Biblical Year 5781 Was Prophetically Identified As “The Year To Discern The Father’s Voice And Properly Establish The Foundation Of The House”, This Biblical Year 5782 Is Identified As “ The Year of Building The Household Of The Father Through The Identifying Of The Son”! It is critically key that we continue to walk in our position as covenant sons of the Kingdom and become and stay perfectly aligned with the Father’s Voice as we hear it in this season going forward. We must understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the carriers of the life of the Father and that we have been authorized and empowered to speak creatively just as he does and has since the inception of creation. In this unique dispensation of time that we have crossed into, we must see ourselves from God’s perspective and live our lives from that position of strength, power, and authority. Every Son Is Called And Created To Reveal The Father! It is from embracing that position of oneness with the Father, that each of our identities is unveiled, our purpose is fulfilled and the glory of God is revealed!

When you walk as a son, there is a glory covering that allows the mercy of God to be revealed and manifested in every dimension of your life! (Isaiah 60) God Bless! Shalom! Le’ Shanah Tovah!