The Month Of Elul (August/September) 5781

Apostle Vincent R. Pool, Sr.                                  August 7, 2021

In the Hebrew calendar we are in the Month of Elul. It is the sixth month of the biblical year, and is associated with the tribe Of Gad. Gad was the 7th son of Jacob, and the 1st son of Zilpah, Leah’s handmaid. Gad’s name means “fortunate”, or a “troop”. 6 is the number of “man”, and also the number of the “flesh”, so this 6th month is a good time to allow God to deal with your flesh, and your emotions!

This month is called “The eye of the needle” month. In eastern cultures, the eye of the needle was a hole in the wall of the city where camels were allowed to enter in. It was a narrow place, and also low to ground. In order to enter in, the camel had to bow, and become totally unencumbered of the load it was carrying. See the prophetic picture that is being painted here. This is a time of preparing to “enter in”. In order to enter into the place of promised inheritance, you must bow (an act of humility) in submission to the will of the Father. Also you must rid yourself of any encumbrance or burden, whether it is physical, mental, or even spiritual that would keep you from entering into the place of promise and receiving your inheritance in God. These are the some of the requirements of entering into that narrow place of inheritance.

This month is also associated with the Hebrew alphabet yod (pronounced yode), which paints a picture of mercy from the hand of God. It is connected to the left hand, which is God’s hand of mercy. In the life of Israel and the progressive prophetic pattern of their journey from Egypt to the promised land (Hosea 11:1), we see God’s hand of mercy on their lives, in that this month, which follows the two months that portrayed major sins in their life, the building of the golden calf (Tammuz), and embracing the evil report of the ten spies (Av), is known as the “mothering” or “nurturing” month. It shows a total depiction of the character and nature of El Shaddai (Genesis 17:1-8), the all sufficient one, the all breasted one, the God who is more than enough (Holy Spirit).

Yod (pronounced yode), is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and also the smallest letter. It is representative of the omnipresence of God, and is connected to every word in the Hebrew language, which is the true language of the word of God, which is the expression, and image of God himself. (John 1:1). 10 is the number of divine order, it is the number of testimony, or the “Law” (word). Therefore this is the month to fix those things that are broken, or out of order, and to make sure that the word of our testimony is in total alignment, and synchronization with the word(voice) of God (Jesus).(Hebrews 1:1-5).

This is the month that the fullness of peace is to be activated in every aspect and dimension of our lives, both internally and externally, so that the character and nature of the God of Peace, that sanctifies us wholly(completely), mind, body, and spirit, (Yahweh-Shalom) (1 Thessalonians 5:23) is displayed fully in our lives. By embracing the fullness of peace, our emotions are fully submitted to the Lord. This is also the month of repentance, the month of forgiveness, and the month of getting in a unique and special place of intimacy with God. (Song Of Solomon 6:3). This is the time that God desires to have a great time of intimacy with each of us individually, and also corporately. We must find a place in our lives both physically and spiritually to dedicate wholly and completely to the Lord to share a special time with him. It is during these times that God will reveal to us where we are, how we got to where we are, and also what needs to be done to get us to our next place of destiny in him

This month is known in Hebraic tradition as “The King Is In The Field”. This is the month that the king left his palace, and set up his tent(tabernacle) among the people, so that they might have unlimited access to his presence, see his face, bring their requests before him, and get their needs met, without having to go through any of the palatial protocol. If you look at the prophetic pattern being unfolded and revealed by this act of the mercy of the king, you will see a perfect revelation of John 1:14. Jesus, The King of Glory, left his heavenly throne room, put on a tent of flesh, dwelt amongst the people, who saw his face, and had unlimited, and unencumbered access to his presence to make their requests known and get their needs met. The life of Jesus is a true demonstration of the hand of mercy of our God.

This is the month of transitioning, as we are being positioned to cross over into the new season (Rosh Hashanah) of God. This act of transitioning, or crossing over is a total depiction or revelation of the nature of the Hebrew (One who crosses over) (Genesis 14:13). When you look at the transitional transformation of Jacob into Israel (Genesis 32:22-28), you will see a prophetic revelation of the metamorphosis of the sons of glory. Jacob had to come to the ford Jabbok (the place of emptying out, dying to the flesh), cross over, meet God, go through the process (wrestle) of transitional transformation to receive the nature of the victorious over comer (Israel-God’s Prince-Son of the King), in order to be totally prepared for a new season in God.

When we go through the transitional process (shifting) of learning how to think Hebraic, we receive a true revelation of the nature of the Son, and we begin to understand that we are a kingdom culture of people (1 Peter 2:9-10), that have received the mercy of God, and are continuously living in a cycle of crossing over (Hebrew), into a higher dimension in God (Ephesians 2:4-7).

Gad was known for his great strength and his prowess and fierceness as a warrior. He was a total depiction of the nature of Yahweh-Teshua (the Lord God My Strength). It was said of the men of Gad, that the least of them was equal to 100 ordinary warriors, and that the best of them was equal to 1000. Gad was a part of the camp of Reuben, which consisted of Reuben, Simeon, and Gad. This camp represented seeing (Reuben), hearing (Simeon), and doing, or operating in the strength of the Lord (Gad). So this is the month to garner strength from the Lord (Psalms 18:1-2, Proverbs 18:10), and allow him to position us in our place of proper covenant alignment, that will bring us into our ultimate destiny in him.

This month is connected to the constellation of Virgo (the virgin), and is therefore a depiction of the virgin “Bride of Messiah”, being prepared (made ready, positioned) to bring forth the sons of God (sons of Glory, sons of the Kingdom) (Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7)!

It is crucially important that we set aside intimate time with God during this time frame to receive strategy from the mouth of the Lord that will allow us to advance into this new season perfectly aligned with his thoughts and plans for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11)! It is also during these times of intimacy that we develop a deeper relationship with the Father. It is also in this place that we are empowered to become a people of great authority and strength (Daniel 11:32)! Blessings! Shalom!