We dwell in Eden


An article dated June 26, 2018, in the New York Post, by Natalie O’Neill, discloses that scientists who are researchers at prestigious Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute “have come to the conclusion that humans are alone in the universe”, and “that aliens don’t exist in a report that says human beings are likely flying solo in outer space.”

This scientific declaration is confirmation and resonates completely with what Holy Spirit has revealed to me.  I was sitting quietly when I clearly heard in my spirit, that we live in a special place, a singular and unique entity in the universe.  I heard “Why do you believe there was only a Garden of Eden?  This entire planet is Eden, created to be populated and enjoyed by humanity.  I designed this earth as the perfect habitation for my very special creation – Man.  There is no other.”

If you’re a fan, as I am, of the programs that air on Science or Discovery channels about the planets, the solar system and the deep reaches of space, you’ve heard of giant iron planets racked by super violent winds, incredibly hot fiery planets with constant volcanic activity, gaseous planets of deadly methane, and other nightmarish conglomerations of substances that cannot possibly sustain life.  From what we’ve been able to determine thus far, the trillions of black holes, red dwarfs, white giants and swirling entities that populate God’s cosmos are each composed of impossibly lethal materials which, without exception, cannot support life in any form, not only life as we know it.

We are designed in Father’s image, and because of His love and care for us, our special habitation was created with exactly the right combination of the elements that we would require to live, to learn, to grow and to prosper for thousands of years.  Land, water, air, sun, minerals, birds, fish, animals, seeds, flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, deserts, ice caps, and every other component of this beautiful planet all work together and exist solely for our benefit as His Inheritors and the benefactors of His Grace and Love.

Not only did He create an Earth housing the original Garden, but He conceived our entire planet to contain every possible component that would be uncovered, discovered, and capitalized upon by successive generations of mankind.  We have never needed to look off planet for anything, and all the necessary elements have been supplied to build homes, skyscrapers, televisions, computers, cars, airplanes, satellites and any of the other seemingly miraculous inventions we enjoy, both now and over the past millennias.

Man’s exile from the Garden of Eden was exile from the Womb of Creation that birthed mankind and housed the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis, Chapters 2, 3).  Adam and Eve may have been banished from the presence of God there, but they didn’t suddenly find themselves isolated on some barren and deadly version of Earth.  They were still blessed with food, fresh water, gentle breezes, plants, animals, and everything else they required to survive, to thrive and to multiply.  And we, their descendants through countless cycles have found that within Earth our Creator has placed all possibilities for all endeavors that He implants into the mind of man.

Even in locations where life is not ideal, in lands where poverty, adversity or evil dominates, we as humans and God’s beloved, have been granted untold riches from the planet itself.  Mankind may have sullied the soil, polluted the atmosphere, or abused and violated each other, but the works of the devil, the devourer, have been unable to remove the gifts of our habitation. Our very existence here is proof of Father God’s benevolence.

Our task, as believers who listen to and follow the directives of Holy Spirit, is to utilize, explore, and appreciate the miraculous entity that Father has made available to us.  Through the sacrifice of Yeshua Hamashiach on Calvary, we believers have been given the opportunity to return to right relationship with the Godhead, but the blessings of our precious planet, our Eden, are available to all.  There is no necessity to search for other lifeforms that have “developed” in the vacuum of space.  We are the creation of Almighty Sovereign God, made in His image and placed in a uniquely hospitable environment, the planet which we are to enjoy, given life to make the most of it.  While we exist in fleshly form, this is our heaven.

I resolve to be thankful and grateful every single day, because the Lord loved us to such a degree that He would bring forth the place that we thrive in and the beauty that nourishes our soul.  It is for our benefit today, not in the hereafter.  Every sunrise that we’re granted to see should inspire us to express our joy in the Lord (Psalm 21:1; 27:6; 32:11; Isaiah 49:13; 52:9; 61:3; 61:10; Habakkuk 3:18; Matthew 25:21; Romans 5:11; Philemon 1:20, etc.!).  We dwell daily in Eden, this heaven on earth for our earthly bodies, the ideal place for us to thrive until our spirits return to dwell with Father in His Eternal Heaven.  Celebrate being here!