the month of Iyar (April/May)

Apostle Vincent R. Pool


In the Hebraic (Biblical) calendar, we are in the month of Iyar. It is the month of increased revelation (light) (Isaiah 60). It is the 2nd month in the sacred calendar. 2 is the number of covenant, and this is the season that God is calling forth, revealing, and establishing His covenant “sons”(Hosea 11:1, Romans 8:19). 2 is also the number of witness, which we are being established to become in every aspect and dimension of our lives (Acts 1:8). Everything in our lives should give glory to and witness of our relationship to the “Living God”!

Biblically the month of Iyar is often called in Hebrew, “Ziv”, which means “radiance”(1 Kings 6:1, 37). It is also the month to understand secrets (Amos 3:7-8). It is the month connected to the tribe of Issachar (See 1 Chronicles 12:32). Issachar was the tribe known for its anointing to understand times, seasons, and the secrets of the Lord.

This month is commonly called the month of healing (natural), and its name is actually an acronym for “I Am God Your Healer” (Exodus 15:26). This month is also associated with the Hebrew alphabet “Vav”, which means “connector”. This month is the connecting month or hinge/transitioning month between the redemption of God’s people (Passover), and their receiving of the Torah (commonly called The Law Of Moses, which are actually the laws or instructions of our God) at Sinai during Pentecost. This was the time of the personal introduction to and revelation of, the God of Israel, the God of their forefathers.

This month actually depicts the journeying of God’s people from the place of bondage, and shows how God used the journeying of their lives, and the situations they encountered as a means to reveal Himself, His character, nature, and attributes, to His covenant people, and also to reveal the secrets, and the power of His covenant names. Remember that this was a people that had been in bondage for over 400 years and only knew about God from the things that they had heard about Him from their forefathers, they had no experiential knowledge of Him for themselves.  God also used this time to teach them how to access and utilize the power of His covenant names. There were three important covenant names that were revealed to the people of God during this month, Yahweh-Rapha (Exodus 15) “I Am The God That Healeth Thee”, Yahweh-Yireh (Exodus 16) “The Lord Who Sees And Provides”, Yahweh-Nissi (Exodus 17) “The Lord, My Banner Of Victory, The Warrior God, My Eternal Protector/Covering”. The covenant secrets of God were revealed and established in the lives of His people in Iyar.

This month is also connected with your conscience, thoughts, and emotions. This is the month that God wants to cleanse our conscience, our emotions, and our thought processes. He does this by allowing us greater insight (revelation) into Himself, allowing us the opportunity to embrace the fullness of His covenant, and walk into a deeper level of relationship with Him. Entering this dimension of relationship allows us to be able to discern times and seasons, becoming totally aligned with the mind of the Spirit. This relationship prepares us to receive and understand the power of Pentecost from another dimension of revelation (Daniel 2:21-22). This is the month, we must be diligent in seeking the Lord with our whole heart for the wisdom that is necessary for us to understand our covenant walk with Him (James 1:5, Matthew 13:11). God desires for each of us to walk in the fullness of His covenant blessings (Deuteronomy 28:1-14). This is also the time to receive an out pour of revelation and allow God to totally re-align our lives according to His covenant plan for each of our lives.

This is the month to allow God to activate the full nature of the prophetic voice within each one of us (Revelation 19:10), so that we are not deceived by the false prophetic. Our will, mind, and emotions, which also include our speech patterns, must come into total alignment and synchronization with God and His word during this time, in order to stay in sync with Him throughout the entire year. Our insight and perception of God and His word must transition according to His calendar. Remember, God speaks and operates in prophetic patterns.

Look at the pattern of the year thus far. Gods’ sacred calendar begins with the month of Passover (redemption)(Nisan), which takes us on a journey of revelation of God, and also an establishing of a relationship with God (Iyar), which brings us to a point of transitioning (birthing, transforming) into a people of the word and power. This will prepare us to be able to understand Gods’ next appointed time, which will be Pentecost.

Issachar means, “He Will Bring A Reward”. This is the season that God wants us to prosper according to His covenant plan and purposes. Because the Issachar anointing carried such great prophetic insight, it is also linked with intercession, prosperity, and the blessings of God.

As we allow God to align us with Himself, and His timing we will begin to see even the more how to pray, declare, and decree, the covenant blessings of God into manifestation in every aspect and dimension of our lives!

Look at the numbers connected with the parentage, or birthing order, of Issachar. Issachar is the 9th son of Jacob and the 5th son of Leah. 9 is the number of the womb, fullness, and birthing. Nine is also the number of Holy Spirit (womb of creation, 9 gifts of the Spirit, process of being born again, renewed, restored). 5 is the number of grace, redemption, atonement, life, the cross, sin, bondage, and government.

Look at the full prophetic picture of this transitioning month. It is connected to the first month which is the month of redemption, the month that paints the full picture of the atoning work of the cross. It shows us coming out of bondage (sin), being birthed into the newness of a grace covered life, transformed into God’s governmental body of authority in the earth: Ecclesia, Sons of God (Romans 8:19); King-Priests (1 Peter 2:9).

This month becomes the womb (birthing place) of our next journey toward the fullness of our Apostolic-Prophetic destiny in God. Blessings! Shalom!