IMPERIALIS INFINITUM- The Imperial Mandate of God

During my break, The Lord began to reveal to me that Adam is the name of the office that humanity was originally called to. Adam in Hebrew “Alef Dam” means God’s Blood. God created Adam as not only a reflection of the fullness of the Godhead, but a replica. Adam was created using Elohim as the blueprint. Within man is the infinite capacity for identity. We have been taught that God told Adam that it is not good for him to be alone. This is an untrue retelling of events as Adam was never alone. He was always with God. What God actually said was that it is not good for him to be all one. God’s action was then to separate Adam into 2 entities: The Male Adam & The Female Adam. In this separation, God created a way for the creation to begin to create. God gave Adam a command: Be fruitful and multiply. The purpose of this mandate was to allow Adam to give physical form to all of the infinite natures within. Adam was created as God, mirroring and embodying the infinite nature of his creator. To express these natures The Creator gave His creation the power and method to create. Something that The Lord also revealed was that when Adam was given the job of naming the animals, he was simultaneously responsible for giving them a nature. A name reveals a nature, so when Adam was naming the animals, he was actually giving them a nature, also creating new creatures alongside his creator. This was by design of Elohim. When God separated Adam into 2 entities, He revealed the parenthood of the Godhead representing the masculine and feminine natures present within God (The Father & Holy Spirit). This released a paradigm that in order to create, there must be a partnership of the masculine and feminine. We then saw this play out when God released the mandate to Adam: To be fruitful and multiply. This is the Imperial Mandate of God.

A topic that God began to unveil to me heavily during my break was the true governmental structure of Heaven. Kingdom is not incorrect, but empire is more accurate. What is the difference between a kingdom and an empire? An empire is a kingdom that is ruled by an emperor instead of a king. Also, within an empire are multiple kingdoms. If you examine God’s structure you see the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of earth, etc. These are different kingdoms within God’s empire. An emperor is a higher office than that of a king. Another way to say emperor is King of Kings. Kings and emperors also have different mandates. The mandate of a king is maintenance toward his own domain. An emperor’s mandate is conquest and expansion. A king is a great manager of the territory that he rules, but an emperor is expanding. A few years ago, I went into the spirit realm to listen to Yeshua preach. I wanted to hear the word that He was releasing directly. All I heard was Him shouting and repeating the same word, “Expand! Expand! Expand!”. I now understand that He was releasing a call for those that would begin to walk in the imperial dimension and begin to expand the territory of His empire, not to just maintain it. By releasing this call, He is simultaneously calling us to begin to walk in the same office and from the same dimension as He does. An emperor is the king of kings. This is the highest role and function in the empire. He is calling us to our rightful place in sonship. Something He recently showed me was that if you look at the word “Sonship”, you can see the proper position that God called us to. Sonship = Son’s hip. We are positioned at The Son’s hip, seated within Him in the same dimension as Him. Everything that Yeshua walked in, you are called to walk in. Everything that Yeshua had access to, you have access to. “As He is, so are you” becomes your starting place. This is the call: To return to our Imperial position in sonship. To see heaven manifested on Earth sustained.

One of the manifestations of this is believers building cities of refuge and other heaven on earths. This is something that John Alexander Dowie understood. I believe that Dowie wasn’t as insane as historians would have us believe. I believe that he tapped into and understood a dimension that he had a hard time articulating. This is why he dressed up like an Old Testament High Priest. He understood the power of the king and priest dimensions working together. If you look at Melchizedek, you see a picture of sonship. Melchizedek was called a king and a priest as well as High Priest. Something that God showed me is that the office of High Priest is king and priest. A High Priest is a king and priest fused together. Melchizedek is a full embodiment of the kingship and priesthood of sonship. This enabled him to function fully as a king and fully as a priest walking equally and fully in both dimensions without leaving either, thus creating this new function, High Priest. The Old Testament priest went up on behalf of Earth. The heavenly king released downward into Earth. The High Priest had the ability to serve both roles and function in both dimensions serving as both a social intercessor (priest) and an economic intercessor (king). I believe John Alexander Dowie understood this and had a hard time articulating it. Similar to how Jeremiah felt like he had fire shut up in his bones, I believe Dowie suffered a similar manifestation. The reason I mention Dowie is because, not only did he walk around dressed as a High Priest, but he began to conquer territories and establish heaven on earths. This is coming back. Cities and regions are going to begin to be conquered by the empire of God, just as Dowie created Zion, IL. Heaven is not just a feeling. Heaven is a real place. It has vegetation that we don’t have as well as animals that don’t exist on earth. Heaven has laws that we are unfamiliar with. We need to become acquainted with Heaven directly and use it as a blueprint as we terraform the Earth to look like heaven. This shows the importance of regular ascension. Heaven and Earth were created as twins, both made to express the awesomeness and creativity of God. God made us as god. This is a genetic identity as God is our parent. God created a god and gave that god dominion over Earth. That god fell and took earth with it. That god had its redemption. We are now on the other side of redemption where all we need to do is remember. Remember the status that you once held in imperial godhood.

John Wesley following his face-to-face encounter with Yeshua felt a warmth go through his body and said, “I am no longer conquered as I had been many times before, but now I am always the conqueror.”

Something he began to share with me a few days ago, is the importance of the anointing. What the anointing does is take what is on the inside of all of us and pour it onto us. You are the temple. Within you is the inner court. The anointing is made up of the inner court. The nature of oil is that it changes whatever it is poured onto into itself, so when the anointing is poured onto you, you become the inner court. You become a cross. You become a menorah. You become shewbread and incense. You become fire and light. You become resurrection. You become Holy Spirit and the 7 Spirits. What once was an internal reality or a past redemptive event becomes an I AM statement, invoking the name of God in your identity. You no longer have access to dominion and mastery, you are dominion and mastery.

Something that I began doing is focusing on my Shekinah and Kabod. I began to establish laws in my kabod and release properties into my shekinah, taking notice of the effects that I have on the world around me. These two organs are related to the king (kabod) and the priest (shekinah). What happens when people enter my shekinah? What happens when something in within the range of my kabod’s radiation? What should happen when people are near you or around you? As I began to focus on this and exercise this, I began to notice my effect on creation and began to put a demand on more. This isn’t me releasing. This is me understanding the I AMs. Once you understand what you are, creation responds to you that way by default. Creation is waiting for us to wake up and remember who we are. Creation is waiting for us to experience an individual apocalypse. Apocalypse means unveiling or revealing. Creation is waiting for us to have our own personal apocalypses and become unveiled. (Like Moses was veiled) Moses became a walking inner most court or holy of holies and as such, he needed to be veiled when he came down from meeting with God. Just as Moses, we will begin to embody the inner realities of the temple that we are, but unlike Moses we will be unveiled. What needed to be veiled in an old covenant, will be unveiled in this generation. You will either be one who God is revealing, or you will be in opposition to God. The number one enemy of the new move of God is always the last move of God. Don’t become the expired word persecuting the now word.

You become. Focus on who you are and who you are not will fall off. Focus on who you are, who God made you to be. Allow the Anointing to transfigure you into the same identity as Yeshua.

Something that Yeshua told me a few months ago, is that we are not called to be Christians. He said that Christianity is anti-Christ. The word Christ means “Anointed One”. That is someone who carries the anointing. When the anointing comes upon you, you become an anointed one. You become Christ. You become Messiah. Christian by definition is a follower of the anointed one. Yeshua never called us to be followers of the anointed one, rather He called us to become anointed ones. When He said, “eat my body and drink my blood” He ran off all of the Christians (followers). You are what you eat. The only ones that stayed with Him were the ones that were willing to become Him. Christianity keeps you perpetually as a follower of Christ, never allowing you to become the christ that you are called to be. The anointing enables you to become. In order to put on the mind of Christ, you must become a christ. You must be anointed.

“If I am close to Yeshua, I am too far away. We are to put on the nature of the Messiah” – Dr Undrai Fizer

The Commission from the GodHead

Put on your Identity. Walk this Earth as an Emperor, manifesting and expanding the empire of God.

God told me that He wants us to begin to walk our streets and neighborhoods, releasing the fragrance of the son that you are into your region. Let the light that you are, push away the darkness that you aren’t. This is not a prayer walk. God wants us to simply allow the fragrance of dominion invade our regions. Some of you may be called to city halls, schools, entire cities, and regions. Some of you may be called to go through several regions. Be obedient to the specifics of what God wants you to do. (streets and neighborhoods are the minimum)

Be Blessed.

-Apostle Nelson Castille, Founder of Cave of Mystery