• Council’s directive must include enlightening others about God’s Calendar, Cycles and Appointed Times.
  • Through the months, cycles and seasons, God reveals Himself in deeper revelation to us as we operate in His timing.
  • We must be Productive by showing forth His Will.


  • We must find His Assignment to provide direction for our lives.
  • It will line up with His timing.
  • In 2 Kings, King Josiah lamented that the people had forgotten God’s ways.  His assignment was to tear down the high places and cleanse the temple. And he did so when he understood the revelation from God.
  • My personal assignment is to possess the gates of my region,
  • The past month, Elul, represented the Left Hand.  By understanding the meaning of Father’s calendar, His months, and His seasons, I received revelation for interpreting the left hand I had been shown in a dream.
  • Without seeking a deeper personal relationship with God, we will never understand the depth of what He requires of us.
  • Not just deliverance, but an Assignment.


We lost so many things in the ‘church’ and there is a whole dimension that we didn’t even know about.  One of the tasks of the Council must be to teach others to seek the Lord by revealing what has been lost, bringing others to a position of Identity and Dominion, fitting them together like pieces of a puzzle.



I didn’t have to think long or hard about what the Council should be and how it could undergird me.  Holy Spirit took me back to the beginning of my awakening when I was searching for answers.  When I came upon Apostle Pool and his ministry, everything started clicking.


  • For example, the Tabernacle.  Everything that was unanswered by man was revealed and confirmed by Holy Spirit.
  • The Hebraic aspects of the Kingdom, the minora, the Feasts, the calendar of God are opening our eyes to deeper understanding of the Lord.
  • Isiah 55 –  “Everyone who thirsts, Come to the waters;… 3 Incline your ear, and come to Me. Hear, and your soul shall live; And I will make an everlasting covenant with you—”
  • I was thirsty and I began to see and was opened to what was there.  Even before the Council, I knew there was more.
  • The Council is about sharpening what God is revealing.  It has solidified, confirmed, and challenged my thinking.


  1. My bishop in my traditional church knew I was called to ministry but wanted me to remain in a ministry training role.  But God called me to see and share.
  2. My hands would burn, and Holy Spirit would say ‘Go and lay hands.’  When I revealed this to the bishop, he was reluctant to acknowledge me as a prophet, even though he recognized the gifting.
  3. I know I am called to the Council; I am called to uproot religion, to uproot and deliver souls from abuse.  Holy Spirit has been taking me to the root.


The Apostolic Council gives an opportunity to expound among like-minded members.  It provides a forum to not be afraid, to embrace boldness with no need to appease people or be reluctant to confront and challenge biblical doctrines that are in error.

It must be more than just a gathering.  As a member, I am to deliver others.

We can no longer be on the sidelines.  Issues with the name “Yeshua” or Holy Spirit’s feminine nature are basic. 

Our information does not always come from the Bible.  I read about the Council of Nisea years ago.  Holy Spirit speaks to me and confirms everything that had already been revealed to me.  I left the four walls in 2010 because it wasn’t aligned with what Holy Spirit was telling me.  I was challenged by people within the church, but Holy Spirit has been preparing not only me but each and every one of us for this.

We must stand by the conviction we have been given.


Vince – a lot of the Council’s stands are radical; Kingdom versus church.

Shawn – Yes, for example Passover, not communion.  We have all gone to a period of     brokenness that aligned us with Holy Spirit.  We can’t go back to passiveness…Yeshua stood by what Father had revealed to Him, no matter what.  Abuse and rejection were preparing me.   

Vince –  We are Sons of Issachar…that’s an expression of the Ecclesia, the sons of God.  Ecclesia is the governing body of the Kingdom, the remnant in the remnant.  They were to guide and direct Israel to its’ place of purpose.

Shawn – While within the four walls of the church I heard the Voice of God.  Others thought I was crazy.  Why there is not healing in the land is because people don’t believe in and listen to Holy Spirit.  Instead of Holy Spirit, the spirit they saw was a ‘kundalini’ spirit. (Wikipedia: In Hinduism, meaning “coiled snake”; a form of divine feminine energy located at the base of the spine). Holy Spirit told me if She actually showed up in these churches, they would think it was a demon!  That’s when I left the church for good.