“Life as a Kingdom Citizen”

Apostle Lance C. Beloney, April 5, 2021

Below are 10 characteristics I’ve been experiencing in my Kingdom life.  The more I experience these characteristics, the less encumbered I am with the trappings of Christianity.   I have come to realize they are leading me further into the Kingdom and away from Christianity.  I invite you to journey with me into the Kingdom of Heaven!

1. Intimacy with Mother (Holy Spirit) is the essence of Kingdom life.
         Mother is our nurturer for our ability to understand the Kingdom and where we fit in the Kingdom.
2. Kingdom life is lived from within.
         The Kingdom is experienced from inside to outside.  We can only live the Kingdom life from the intimacy we experience with Mother. 
3. The Voice of Father governs the Kingdom.
         It is the proceeding word (voice) of Father that lets us know how the Kingdom is positioned and what the spirit of the Kingdom is.  Without the present voice of Father we cannot experience the Kingdom.
4. Holiness is the law of the Kingdom (Holiness is the standard set by Yahweh’s word for the present season).
         The law of the kingdom keeps us in Father’s will.  Holiness is the characteristic that allows us to be in fellowship with Yahweh (Our Father).  Holiness emanates from the Father.  We enter into His Holiness when we follow His voice (His word)
5. The Kingdom message for this season is Sonship and Dominion.
         Sonship and Dominion is what the Godhead is establishing in us in this season.  Sonship establishes my position and Dominion establishes my authority.
6. My Sonship allows me to be a member of the Godhead.
         My Sonship make it necessary that I join the Godhead as a governing member.  This has been Yahweh’s plan from the beginning.  He is looking to establish the family business in the earth.
7. My passions in life are nurtured by the Kingdom; My Kingdom assignments originate from my passions in life.
         My creation also created in me certain things that I am passionate about.  The Kingdom recognizes these passions and sets forth to nurture them to a place of excellence.  My Kingdom assignment utilizes my passions to fulfill the needs of the Kingdom.  Much like a plumber’s skills
are used to fix a leaking pipe.
8. My authority to command the Kingdom is given to allow me to transform the earth into the image of creation.
         Authority is given to allow me to execute my assignment and my assignment is given to allow me to transform the earth according to Father’s desire.
9. Passover is the Kingdom’s fellowship model.
         Exodus Passover has been transformed into Kingdom Passover.  Fellowship in the Kingdom is patterned according to Kingdom Passover.   Kingdom Passover emphasizes fellowship in the oneness of Yeshua, not in the exodus from Egypt.
10. The Kingdom is not static; The Kingdom conforms to Yahweh’s word.
         The Kingdom is a living experience.  As such, it ever changes to conform to the proceeding word of the Father.