What We Believe



We believe:

  • In the Divinity and Lordship of Yeshua Hamashiach, the Messiah.
  • We are one with the Creator and are Sons of God.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven was established by the Godhead and Christianity was created by men.
  • We are Members of the Godhead, called to manifest the Kingdom on the earth.
  • The structure of “Christianity” has been mandated by Rome and is the foundation of the formation of the “church”.
  • Teaching, Advocating and Promoting the Foundational Principles of God, as revealed by Holy Spirit is the basis of Kingdom advancement.
  • The trappings of religion are the greatest enemies of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Revelation from Holy Spirit, not ritual practices, reveals the Kingdom.
  • Spiritual healing and deliverance from religion is essential.
  • We are Inheritors of the Kingdom, mandated to operate in Dominion on the earth.
  • We are members of the Ecclesia of God – (The governing body of the Kingdom), and walk in the Authority of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God refer to the same experience.
  • God reveals new insights to every generation and what He speaks can be superior to anything that has been written before in the Scriptures.
  • The Voice of God is preeminent. 
  • He is revealing and manifesting Truths of the Kingdom in this Era.
  • Every Born-Again Believer has a Purpose, a necessary function for ruling and reigning in the Kingdom of God.
  • Intimacy with God forms our Identity and our ability to operate in His Will.
  • We are called not just to possess Revelation, but to be a Revelation of the Godhead.
  • Our generation is in a season of Intimate Impartation from Holy Spirit, and the season of mass appeal has ended.

Intentional, On Purpose, Without Apology.



  1. The Kingdom is founded on Sonship.
  2. The Kingdom is governed by the Voice of the Father.
  3. The Kingdom demands our Maturity.
  4. Being Born-Again is a tangible, emotional and psychological experience.
  5. Our Inheritance in the Kingdom is predicated upon our maturity.
  6. The Kingdom is longing for our command to transform into the Kingdom of God in the earth.



  • Holy Spirit is FEMININE, presenting the feminine nature of the Godhead as the third person of the Trinity.  Father/Mother/Son – the Divine Reflection which our physical reality mirrors.
  • SCRIPTURE is different from the Bible.  The Bible has been edited by Rome to suit its’ purposes.  Scripture, original Revelation from the Godhead, is present within its’ pages, but discernment from Holy Spirit is required to understand what is applicable and what is not.
  • Scripture IS INERRANT…The Bible is NOT INERRANT.  Most translations differ significantly from original Hebrew texts, and Books were omitted by Rome.  The Council of Nicea was not authorized by God to establish a canon of scripture which does not fully express what was actually spoken by God in its’ entirety. Centuries of acceptance of altered biblical interpretations have blinded Believers to their true position in the Kingdom of God.                                                   
  • The doctrine of the RAPTURE is in error.  Believers are called to establish the Kingdom of God on earth until He (Yeshua) returns.   
  • ANGELS are ministering spirits under our command.  They do not rank above Sons, for the Sons are Inheritors of the Kingdom. Angels await their assignments from the Sons. 
  • Born-again Believers are SINLESS in this life.  God ensured this by Yeshua’s sacrifice/the redemptive work of the Cross. Being “a sinner saved by Grace” is an oxymoron because a sinner is not saved.
  • The church is not the Ecclesia. The church is a religious institution, not a true expression of the Life of God (Zoe).  The Ecclesia is the governing body of the Kingdom of Heaven
  •  PASSOVER, not “communion” is the Fellowship of God. Yeshua was the Passover Lamb… renaming the fellowship to “communion” attempts to negate His position as the Lamb.
  •  God’s Revelations are not confined to the 66 books of the bible.  As we grow in maturity, He continues to reveal additional truths. The so-called canon of scripture from Rome has neither the authority or ability to hold God captive to that canon, nor constrain God from continuing to speak and give revelational insight and understanding of the continual unveiling of eternity itself.
  •  The crucifixion of Yeshua took place on Wednesday, a High Day in that year.  The Savior had to be crucified and removed from the cross by sundown on that High Day, a special holy Sabbath which was on Wednesday. The doctrine of crucifixion on Friday is based on a Roman misunderstanding of the Jewish Sabbaths, which normally occurred on Fridays, but scripture specifies that “this day was a High Day” (John 19:31). You will never get three days and three nights in the tomb from Friday to Sunday but will when God’s calendar is evaluated correctly. Friday crucifixion is a fiction.
  •  Understanding God’s Calendar is critical for understanding His Timing and Seasons.  God does not operate by the secular Greco/Roman calendar which changed the worship day from Saturday to Sunday and eliminated His appointed Feasts. He has not altered His Calendar and it’s insights are as relevant today as they have always been.