Attached are the presentations made by each council member about their views of the purpose of this Apostolic Council. They’re listed in order of the presentations.



  • Council’s directive is NOT to rehash old biblical doctrines.  
  • We should be able to discern and disseminate spiritual truths as we hear them from Holy Spirit. 
  • Our spirits must be the basis by which we bear witness to the truth of the Kingdom. 
    • Our internal witness is the primary driver to determine kingdom truth, not biblical dogma. 
    • Always looking FORWARD into the Kingdom – using Kingdom truth as
    • determinant rather than biblical doctrine. 
  • The fact that we grow, evolve and progress in the natural is indication that this process exists also in the Spirit.  Thus the Godhead itself expands and becomes more than they have been 
  • As a council of apostolic leaders, we have the ability to receive, present, and judge a revelation. 
  1. Establishing Apostolic identity  a. WHAT MAKES AN APOSTLE in this New Season?  b. What is the apostolic mandate?  c. What is the focus of apostolic ministry? 
  2. Establishing Kingdom Mandates  A. Kingdom Fellowship for our, and the next generation 
    1. Establishing PASSOVER, not Communion, as the kingdom mandate for fellowship in this season. 
    2. Establishing the ETERNAL FEASTS of God in our generation.   
      1. What is the identity of the feasts? 
      2. We are not Hebrews, we are American; how do we celebrate the feasts? 
  3. B. Maturity of the sons/daughters of God  a. The Voice of God ONLY, establishes direction for His people. b. Eternal Salvation 
  4. True identity of Heirs. 
    1. Sonship Identity 
    1. The council gives voice to those who are the heirs of righteousness 
    1. What distinguishes us as heirs of the kingdom? 

We embrace a written expression of our council identity. 

  • Our presentation of the council should be presented in a way that all interested individuals can readily access who we are, what we believe and what we do. 
    • More acclimated to written presentation than verbal. 
    • To be seen, read, and disseminated 

We speak to current issues from a Kingdom perspective. 

  • Example:   i. Kingdom response to Covid  ii. Kingdom response to homosexuality  iii. Kingdom response to same-sex marriage 




I see the Apostolic Council as a Place of Teaching…

  • Father is sealing insights into us as Leaders in The Kingdom.
  • The Time has come, and He is growing us into our Authority.
  • To facilitate this development in others
  • And to bring others out of “Religion”.


We must begin to:

  • Be Solidly Informed on our Revelations.
  • Bring new insights to the Council for review and prayer about our Revelations together.
  • We must be able to present our Revelations with clarity so that others can receive and understand what we share to them.

Become a Resource to help each other.  We can call upon each other in the Council to:

  • Help in our individual assignments.
  • Teaching
  • Expanding
  • Confirming
  • While still walking out our own assignments.

We can consult with each other in the Apostolic Council and draw upon our experiences to encourage other people to grow in their relationship with The Godhead.


We must facilitate Gatherings that will speak to the greater Community of Believers (especially those who identify themselves as Christians, but who are still seeing the “More”).

  • Our website, and our general communications will become a place to Network.
  • We will be increasingly aligned with other people as a way to enlighten and bring them into The Kingdom.
  • We aim to bring Deeper Clarity, not confusion.


The aim of the Apostolic Council must be to facilitate the transition of “Christians” from a place of religion into The Kingdom.

Each person must fulfill their mandate from the Godhead, yet help others who are being called to discontent with the “status quo” to develop.

The Apostolic Council is a place of Challenge and Guidance:

  • Bringing Truth to error – (comment by Vince)
  • We each bring different urgencies in our own assignments because that is what we are called to focus on – (comment by Lance)
  • We must challenge people in their comfort zones to bring people out of religion – (comment by Lance)

Our Assignments and our Authorities in The Kingdom are Different…

  • I see Lance as dealing with deeper, intellectual people. They are higher academic levels to whom he can speak clearly and relate.
  • Whereas I see Cheryl as reaching people from a different walk of society.
  • We each have a unique calling and a unique audience (comment by Jo)