I see the Apostolic Council as a Place of Harvest…

  • Prov. 11: 30 – “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise.”
    • We are the Righteous and our fruit should show that we are winning souls.
    • Word of God tells us to “Go ye and make disciples” of all we come in contact with. (Matt. 28:19)


  • Go in groups of two – one witnessing and the other praying for both salvation and healing of others…praying for spiritual things in that person’s life.
  • God has called us to share with anyone we come in contact with, even in WalMart.
  • Holy Ghost will reveal who is hurting and why they are an open door, when we are bold enough to speak out.


Here are examples from my life of outreach situations that are bringing in a harvest of souls:

  1. Retirement Center – There are 50 units in our retirement center with at least 50 residents and more if they are couples. 
    1. We host a Sunday night Bible study/class for those who cannot get out.
    1. By sharing what God has in store, even for the elderly, they learn they still have a purpose, even if only witnessing or sharing Christ’s salvation.
    1. We teach them to don’t give up…share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Kosovo – In my job in electrical sales, I have been to over 42 countries and had the privilege and was anointed to share Christ in all of them.
    • In Kosovo, I led an underground group and we met in a burnt-out vehicle with only one Bible. I had to separate out pages to share with them, and so many people came to the Lord.
    • Most of the people were Muslims who came to Christ and two years after I left, with a man to pastor them, they were still meeting underground. 
    • I don’t know if they’re still meeting, but I know that God will make a way for them to hear His Word.
  • Africa – AND U CLOTHED ME Ministry
    • My brother and sister-in-law are missionaries in Africa whose sewing center teaches local women the skills to help them sew clothes and become independent.  
    • God gave her this as a way to share Jesus in Africa.
    • God will open up doors to go anywhere if we are willing.


I wanted something to share from Holy Spirit, and this is what I was given.  As a Council, we have an opportunity and mandate to witness to a nation.  


Vince – the Council can come to help and be a support system.  Productive purpose.

LaQuetta (new member) – Certain confirmation to me.  People are dying out there and the      harvest is ripe.  We have the revelation to share.  Got to show people His love, healing, and deliverance.

Shawn – This harvest season is directing us to gather.  We prophetic people want to branch out, and Holy Spirit wants to speak and direct us where to go in this plentiful harvest, where to go pluck up and where to harvest.

Cheryl – This all ties into the harvest season and God’s cycles.



I’ve had the privilege of scribing notes on the presentations made by members of the Apostolic Council, and I believe there are very valid points in each one.

  1. Morgan, as an Evangelist, emphasized the need for harvest, and witnessing to the many hurting souls around us.  And his final statement was that “As a council, we have an opportunity and mandate to witness to a nation.” (Matt. 28:19) I agree.  Our individual assignments may call us to help bring a harvest of individuals to salvation.  But I believe our group mission is to bring awareness to the searching souls trapped in traditional religion, to open their eyes that they have a purpose in the Kingdom of God.  And this revelation will change nations.

We are called to share our understanding and insights to people laboring under bondage to the church system, by revealing the truths of the Kingdom.  Many of those people are confused because they sense that there is much more that Father requires of them.  As a council, we have been given knowledge from Holy Spirit that can free them from the rituals of ‘church as usual’ and move them into a Sonship relationship with the Godhead.

  • Both Prophets, Cheryl and Shawn spoke of the importance of bringing awareness of the Hebraic revelations of God, including His calendar, feasts, and the feminine nature of Holy Spirit.  

Cheryl – “We’ve lost so many things in the church and there’s a whole dimension we didn’t even know about.  One of the tasks of the Council must be to teach others to seek the Lord by revealing what has been lost, bringing others to a position of identity and dominion.”   

Shawn – “The Council is about sharpening what God is revealing. It provides a forum to embrace boldness with no need to appease people or be reluctant to confront and challenge biblical doctrines that are in error.”  

  1. I concur.  Holy Spirit in this season is uncovering truths that have been ignored or destroyed by Roman-influenced religious teachings.  The errors of the structures of man must be addressed and corrected in this decade of ‘The Declarer”, by the Voice of God speaking through us to bring enlightenment to that which has been corrupted.  The Council is our opportunity to keep each other informed of what Holy Spirit is saying to us as individuals, to vet what we’ve heard with like-minded people, and to disseminate these revelations to the larger Kingdom of God.

Apostle Evelyn’s position is that “Father is sealing insights into us as Leaders in the Kingdom, and He is growing us into our authority to facilitate this development in others and bring others out of ‘Religion’.  We aim to bring deeper clarity, not confusion.”

I completely agree with the many insights Evelyn brought out in her presentation.  I believe the revelations we are receiving from Holy Spirit must reach a broader audience, and that each of us must understand and be willing to share these insights without hesitation.  They’re being given to us now for a reason, which I believe is to bring awareness of Sonship to the multitudes who have been shackled by ‘Christianity”.

Apostle Lance has been receiving and speaking remarkable revelations since I have known him, and his interactions with my husband have revolutionized my views as a member of the Kingdom of Heaven.  His presentation emphasized that “We should be able to discern and disseminate spiritual truths as we hear them from Holy Spirit.”  “Commanding the Kingdom” without fearing the controversy. As the Apostolic Council tenets state, Holy Spirit’s revelations are to be presented to the larger world in a manner that is “Intentional; On purpose, Without apology.”

He also noted the need to “embrace a written expression of our council identity.”  I believe that in addition to verbal ministry, the written word is a vital means of sharing.  Through our articles, websites and other media, we must present our Kingdom viewpoint, encouraging dialogs that will bring enlightenment, and utilizing them as confirmation to those who are seeking God’s truths in this season.

My personal Apostle, Vince, has been sharing his views at each meeting of the Council and feels no need to make a separate presentation.  However, I want to endorse his position of advancing the Hebraic aspects of the Kingdom and their relevance to our stance as Sons and Daughters today.  This foundational knowledge helps facilitate a necessary, deeper understanding of the will of God, and clarifies how Constantinian ‘Christianity’ has robbed Believers of our identity as His Heirs.  

In summary, I believe the Apostolic Council, by disseminating the Word we’re receiving from Holy Spirit, can become an essential voice in advancing the Kingdom of God.  I believe our key assignment is to build a Kingdom Body of Believers by boldly declaring God’s revelations in order to ‘open blinded eyes’.  And to do so, we must fully comprehend, and be able to clearly articulate, the reasons behind why we endorse a particular revelation.  Others will question our convictions, especially those viewpoints that challenge their conventional religious doctrines. Our task as individuals is not just to hear and agree with new insights from Holy Spirit, but to have the clarity and understanding necessary to share these truths in every forum we’re given, never reverting to or compromising by regurgitating old religious doctrines.  As a Council we’ve been given ‘Now’ insights in a ‘Now’ season for a reason ‘Now’.




I’m starting with Priesthood and Kingship because in the order of Melchizedek, both carry the promise and manifestation of immortality.  Messiah means “Anointed One”, “Immortal One.” And because He is immortal, we are. Yeshua functioned as both King and Priest, as do we. 

 PRIEST:  The person who was responsible to help people stay alive by atoning for their sins and the resultant death.  Moses set the order for the special priestly anointing with Aaron which required priestly garments and anointing oil. 

Anointing Oil 

  • Acted as point of contact for heaven and earth.  Priest when the oil was applied to his body could shift dimensions between the two.
  • Raises the frequency of whatever it contacts up to its’ own level.  It pulled the priest away from death up to where it was – immortality.  Oil of anointing protects from death.

Priestly Garments

  • High Priest Aaron was immortal when he was wearing the priestly garments.  He had to carry the sins of the people, so he had to be protected from death in order to accomplish his function.
  • Function of the priest is external.  Aaron was only immortal when wearing his priestly garments. See Exodus.


  • The priest had specific crystals on his garment. Functions similar to anointing oil. Raises frequency out of reach of death.   
  • Placement of jewels on garments was specific.  Priests wore on their breastplate, their chest over their hearts.  Kings wore jewels/crystals on their crowns, their heads.  Quartz, rubies, diamonds, amethysts emit high frequencies,


–    Kings are blessed with wealth, with full supply, with abundance (Gimel).  They are blessed with immortality for the distribution of that wealth to those they govern. –      Kingship deals with immortality from internal perspective.  It is what they carry inside. 


There are four aspects of Immortality, outlined in the Gospel of Philip. (Reference: “The

Encyclopedia of Lost and Rejected Scriptures-The Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha” by Joseph B.


  1. Light –  the actual oil of the anointing.  
    1. Connects us to eternity.
  • Power of the Cross – Passover: the Immortal Feast
    • Granted immortality through the sacrifice of Yeshua. 
    • The wages of sin is death. Yeshua’s death paid for our sins. Thus, we have eternal life.  Our sins are forgiven, and we now have permission to live.    
    • Power of cross enables us to be Perfect – mature, whole.  John 3:16; 11:26
    • Yeshua dealt with death in the underworld.  Death was defeated and the sting of death removed. It was paid for, for those who understand and know they have the right to live. Sin, death and the grave were eliminated.  We were not created to die.

3. Power of the Resurrection – 

  • Yeshua’s resurrection allows us to ascend.                                                           
  • Death is no longer in the equation of getting to Heaven.  We can experience

heaven on earth or Heaven without death.  John 3:5                                                             

  • The prerequisite is Faith.    

4.        Holy Spirit and Her Administration – the fragrance of the anointing. We carry                   Her scent, and creation recognizes that scent.   

• All creation recognizes our Dominion if we recognize it ourselves.


Life flows through the anointing.  We no longer have an appointed time for death…we have an appointed time for Wisdom, which means we keep growing and reach new heights in the heavens. That’s because when Christ died, He defeated death from below and from above. We’re entering a time period of rapid death for those who don’t accept immortality because we’re entering the age of Resurrection for those who actually believe they are already saved, not going to be saved.  Next will come the age of Immortality- living forever, instead of just long life.

Everything in creation has a frequency.  This is an aspect of Spirit Technology (Pneumatic Technology).  God revealed to me The Quantum Scale – Everything in creation exists either high or low on the frequency scale.  Higher is closer to God/the Most High:

blessings, love, faith, dominion, prosperity, anointing.  Lower is closer to death: sin, sickness, lies, fear, condemnation. The higher we are on the scale, the less we are susceptive to or can be touched by aspects of the bottom; the more out of reach we are to lower frequencies.

I liken the quantum scale to a fish tank.  There are fish that live at the top and only eat from above.  Then there are the bottom feeders that live in darkness and eat the food that sinks to the bottom. Those two never meet. Salvation transforms us to the higher state. 

COMMENTS (Very abbreviated)

Cheryl – Adam & Eve were kicked out of the garden because of sin.

Vince – God could not allow them to eat of the tree of life and live forever in a state of sin.

Vince – The Cross is the Tree of Life.

Cheryl – When we hear the sound of the Father, His frequency elevates us.

Nelson – Frequencies are components of blessings and cursing. Water is the best conductor of frequencies, and we are 90%water.  Speaking positives physically affects our body and its’ molecules.  Japanese experiments have shown this to be fact.  And Christ is Living Water.  

Jo – Speaking is a form of frequency, for good or bad.