The Month Of Tammuz (June/July)

Apostle Vincent R. Pool, Sr.                      

In the Hebrew calendar, we are in the month of Sivan. It is the third month and is connected with the tribe of Zebulon. It is the month of Pentecost, and is also called the businessmen’s month. Zebulon was the 10th son of Jacob and the 6th son of Leah. Zebulon means “gift”, and “dwelling of honor”. 

This is the month of getting your walk with God in total agreement with your declarations of faith, so that you can move forward in a new level of strength as you advance from one dimension of glory to the next. 

This month is connected with the Hebrew letter “Zayin” which gives us a picture of receiving mercy for completion. Review those things that God has assigned for your life and receive the necessary strength and strategy for completion through the mercy of God. Zayin is also connected to the number 7, which is the number of completion. God sees you in a place of completion or full maturity in him!

This is also a season of accelerated restoration. We must be able to see that restoration is a part of the full package of our redemption, which started in the first month of this alignment of months, which is Nisan, the month of Judah (praise, warfare). The other two months of this alignment are Iyar, the month Of Issachar (prophetic insight), and of course this month, Sivan, the month of Zebulon (wealth, glory).

In the receiving of the mercy of God in this month, we must also be willing to extend Gods’ mercy to others that he brings us into contact with, especially those that are of our sphere of influence. This is the month to also understand our alignments and bring them into order.