The Ecclesia Versus The Church

As Long As We Keep Calling The Church The Ecclesia, We Will Neither Produce Or See The Glory! The Church Is An Impostor, A Counterfeit! The True Identity Of The Ecclesia Is The Sons Of God. Only The Sons Carry The D.N.A Of The Father! Everybody Is Not The Ecclesia! God Reserves For Himself A Remnant.  Study The Prophetic Nature And Pattern Of The Sons Of Issachar!

This Roman creation called the church does not fit the pattern and never has. We are still trying to force God to accept a perverse, idolatrous, corrupt system that He neither gave birth to nor authorized. Until we accept that God Infused the Blueprint of  the Kingdom into the DNA of creation itself we will never understand Sonship, reveal the glory or manifest the Kingdom. It will never come through the abominable perversion that religion is calling the church. That is not the Kingdom nor can it produce the Kingdom!

Apostle Vincent R. Pool


Theology Is Incompatible with Kingdom Identity “Stop teaching theology and spend that time promoting intimacy” Apostle Lance C. Beloney    January 21, 2021 Key Principle: “Theology is the study of what was said in the past, assuming that it continues to hold true today.  Intimacy with the Godhead is the knowing of what is regardless…

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